Welcome to ANTISPAM-UFRJ, the official antispam website of the Laboratory for the Processing of Analog and Digital Signals (PADS/COPPE/UFRJ).
    The ANTISPAM-UFRJ is a realtime database with the mission to supply the Mail Transport Agents (MTA) of the hosts in the PADS and in others networks with the most recent information about open-relay hosts, spammers hosts or dialup machines on the Internet.
    It was inspired in the two famous realtime databases, the MAPS and the ORBS, now it is a composition of both because it supports a realtime database style RBL and an open-relay database style ORBS (95%, we think).
    As our primary mission, we want to promote a way to help the Internet users to prevent them from the hiddeous spammers activies. Unfortunatelly, like MAPS e ORBS, we believe that we aren't universally loved and we are sorry for, but respect, the people who don't like our philosophy.
    At the moment, we maintain three realtime lists, described below:             NOTE: Our realtime lists are freely exported by anybody who wants to use them. If any host XXX blocked a delivering mail from a third-party host that is listed here, it is because the third-party host MUST comply with the rules that the XXX's admin (not our rules) requires to a mail message to be delivered to it. We are just verifing for the XXX's admin whether a host is a spammer, open-relay or IP/DIALUP machine or not.